Plant Sleeves
Plant Sleeves
Small mesh netting that gently encases fresh plants.
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Mr. I.M. Dunn®
Mr. I.M. Dunn®

PRICE IS FOR: ONE DOZEN — 2 of each temperature range

You can’t tell by just looking and a food thermometer is a safe way to be SURE.

Mr. I.M. Dunn should be placed in the thickest part of the food, and for meats, etc., never touching the bone, fats or gristle.

Made of food grade plastic and meets all USDA, FDA and CFIA requirements. This disposable thermometer will help greatly in preventing food borne illnesses. Temperature ranges are from 145°F to 185°F and for usage on every meat or poultry item.

How do I know when I am cooked properly? I pop my top when I am done!

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Mister Tenderizer
Mister Tenderizer
Meats will cook easier, absorb seasonings, sauces and aromatic spices better, and allow for a neat and creative presentation of even value priced grades of meat. It’s all accomplished with the assistance of the silent chef… MISTER TENDERIZER! And, the MISTER TENDERIZER is SAFE to use!  No dangerous blades that not only cut into the meats, draining the precious natural juices that keep the meats moist, but can cause some serious injury if not handled properly during usage or cleaning. Once assembled there is no need to disassemble.  Mister Tenderizer is completely dishwasher safe and comes with a 1-Year Warranty. With this handy kitchen device, you won’t have to use chemical tenderizers that can alter the taste of your meats, and you can forget about hammers, mallets, or breakable saucers and plates, even rolling pins and waxed paper to do your tenderizing or flattening.
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MISTER TENDERIZER™ provides the at-home chef with the easiest way to quickly and effectively tenderize, flatten and marinate your meat without the messy pounding or hammering.

With the help of the MISTER TENDERIZER, you can make your meat cook easier, absorb seasoning and sauces all the while marinating and flattening…and without splattering meats all over your kitchen area.

MISTER TENDERIZER’s patented design involves no sharp blades and provides a safe and easy way to prepare your meat. Our unique design uses pyramid shaped prods to penetrate the meats which allows spices, sauces or marinades to be driven into the surface of the meat – instead of just on the surface and without the use of chemical tenderizers or clunky hammers.

MISTER TENDERIZER has received the award from NBBQ (National Barbecue Association’s – Best Barbecue Specialty Product Under $25.00), has been tested and granted the seal of approval by the COOKING CLUB OF AMERICA, and the NORTH AMERICAN HUNT CLUB.

MISTER TENDERIZER can be used on so many varieties of meat or poultry….

  • Chicken breast
  • Flank steak
  • Turkey
  • Veal
  • Venison
  • Other Wild game

This counter top mechanical device is easy to assemble and weighs less than 2 pounds. Once assembled, there is no need to disassemble.  Simply put MISTER TENDERIZER in the dishwasher or spray rinse it clean for use the next time it is needed.

To learn more about how MISTER TENDERIZER works and can be an effective tool in your kitchen, please click here to watch our 6-minute video demonstration.

If you would like to learn more about the uses of MISTER TENDERIZER simply click here.