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Mister Tenderizer™

With the MISTER TENDERIZER™, you now can...TENDERIZE, without chemicals...FLATTEN, without pounding or hammering... and MARINATE, by driving your special sauces deep into the meat surface...without splattering meat all over the cooking area!

Meats will cook easier, absorb seasonings, sauces and aromatic spices better, and allow for a neat and creative presentation of even value priced grades of meat. It’s all accomplished with the assistance of the silent chef... MISTER TENDERIZER! And, the MISTER TENDERIZER is SAFE to use!  No dangerous blades that not only cut into the meats, draining the precious natural juices that keep the meats moist, but can cause some serious injury if not handled properly during usage or cleaning.


Watch how easy the MISTER TENDERIZER™ is to use!


Meats will cook easier, absorb seasonings, sauces and aromatic spices better, and allow for a neat and creative presentation of even value priced grades of meat. It's all accomplished with the assistance of the Silent chef... MISTER TENDERIZER!

With this handy kitchen device, you won't have to use chemical tenderizers that can alter the taste of your meats, and you can forget about hammers, mallets, or breakable saucers and plates, even rolling pins and waxed paper to do your tenderizing or flattening. 

Once assembled, there's no need to disassemble.When you are finished, simply spray rinse it in the sink or place it in the dishwasher.

AWARD WINNER...Mister TENDERIZER, the National Barbecue Association's First Prize winner for the Best Barbecue Specialty Product Under $25.00.

In addition, Mister TENDERIZER has also received the tested and seal of approval from the Cooking Club of America and the North American Hunt Club. So, whether you are a professional or an At-Home Chef who takes pride in the preparation of a fine meal - from a chicken breast to a flank steak, to venison or other wild game, you'll find the Mister TENDERIZER easy to use and will get the

job done for you - easily, quickly and without a mess. Start enjoying stress-free cooking today with the MISTER TENDERIZER! 

Look at these features...

• Mister TENDERIZER is a patented (U.S. Pat Nos. 5454753, 5738578), heavy-duty kitchen accessory made of durable polypropylene, meeting all USDA, FDA and Agriculture Canada requirements for food processing equipment.

• Easy to assemble and operate, two tenderizing and flattening rollers are driven by an 'O' ring crossover so rollers rotate in opposite directions, assuring a uniform degree of tenderizing and flattening, so that meats can cook quickly and evenly.

• The pyramid-shaped prods penetrate the meat's surface breaking up fats and allowing spices or marinades to be deeply driven into the surface of the meat, so all your favorite seasonings, spices or sauces burst from within the meat, and not only from the surface.

• Perfect for chicken breast, flank steak, veal, turkey even venison or other wild game!

•  Each Mister TENDERIZER is packaged (disassembled) in a storage tub. Use the lid, or any tray, pan or plate that fits under the rollers not only to catch the natural juices, but to hold your favorite spices, barbecue sauces or marinade. Allowing the meats to fall onto these ingredients, and running them through the rollers again, will drive these special ingredients deeply inside the meats instead of just on the surface.

• Weighs less than 2 pounds.

• Clamps to any counter or table top (2 clamps included).

• One Full Year Limited Warranty.

•  Now, MISTER TENDERIZER™ is available in a Clam Shell with a bright 4-color label that compels attention and creates sales!

Easy to assemble. 
No need to disassemble - it's dishwasher safe!
Tenderize, Flatten and Marinate meat 
without the splattering mess of hammering.




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     U S PAT NO 5454753, 5738578