Cooking Club Of America Reviews


Angela C., Tennessee

 "I recommend this product because it does a good job tenderizing meats. My daughter fell in love with this product and wanted to take mine away from me." 


Martha G., Louisiana

"My main reason for liking this product is that it’s small enough to use in my small kitchen. It’s also easy to use, I did pork chops with it; they turned out really well. It gets the job done without taking up lots of room." 


Audrey K., Alabama

"I like this product because it’s easy to use." 


Verndell R., North Carolina

"The Mister Tenderizer is a welcome piece of equipment that will be used quite frequently in my kitchen." 


Betty T., Louisiana

"I tried it on a steak. I normally don’t eat steak because it’s not tender enough when it’s cooked to well-done. Using the tenderizer gave me a juicy, tender steak." 





Alphonso B., Arkansas

"It eliminates the need for butcher’s twine and takes the drama out of getting wings and legs positioned for roasting and/or rotisserie cooking." 


Kristina B., North Carolina

"A must-have. It’s much easier that rolling string off a roll." 


Chris C., Pennsylvania

"I recommend this product because of the ease in identifying what you need without checking the lengths. It’s color-coded to make it almost foolproof." 


Malisa D., North Carolina

"I love the color coding; it makes food preparation easy and fun. It also adds color to the dish you prepare." 


Lyris G., Florida

"I always had to look for strings when I wanted to bake; now I don’t have to. It’s easy to use. Just put it on; you don’t even have to tie it." 


Sharon L., Wisconsin

"I used this product for keeping foil tightly closed on grilled corn. It made the edges stay closed so the butter stayed in. I also used it for closing cheesecloth so herbs don’t escape, or just for bundling the herbs themselves. I’ve found it useful for keeping cabbage rolls together instead of using toothpicks." 


Cheryl M., California

"I always have trouble getting chickens and game hens to sit right in the roasting bag. This product makes it so much easier." 


Stormy M., Oregon

"I used these to make stuffed chicken. I usually use toothpicks and have to tell everyone to watch out for them. With the ties, I was able to take my kitchen shears and clip the cords and remove them before serving. I didn’t have to worry about my 3-year-old ending up with a toothpick in his dinner." 


Criselda V., Texas

"I love this product because it doesn’t stick to anything; it won’t rip chicken off along with it. There are many ways to use it, with no mess." 


Janie W., Kentucky

"I have a rotisserie oven, and using the Chicken Tuckers kept the chicken in place without falling and burning as it usually does. I’ll be fixing rotisserie chicken more often now." 

Cooking Club Of America Reviews
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